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Warehouse Shoppers Express Shopping Service

Thanks so much for visiting our online store. We are a shopping service based on the Sunshine Coast.  

We source our products at Costco and Real Canadian Wholesale.  We usually shop Monday and  Thursdays (except for long weekends).

We are now based in Gibsons and deliver all our orders.  

Due to the Covid-19 virus we have had to adjust our Schedule.  During  April and May we did three shopping runs a week, and delivered to each area once a week.  This has proved to be too exhausting so we are going back to the Tuesday/Thursday delivery schedule.

We are asking our customers to pick up their orders at specific pickup point in each area.  We will deliver, but we need to know this ahead of time.  

I will give an estimate on the pickup time for the first location in your area.  Mike will also call to let you know a closer time that I will be in each location.  I usually start deliveries in the afternoon and into the evening.  Gibsons pickups can be made at the Venture Way Storage location from 10:00am - 1:00pm

We are also shopping by specific areas.  Gibsons - Roberts Creek, Sechelt, and Halfmoon Bay to Garden Bay.  Each area rotates every 9-11 days.  We will fill in by doing one pickup location in each area a few days after our main shop for that area.  

To simplify that, for example, we deliver for Sechelt  on a Monday, our next delivery day is a Thursday (for Halfmoon Bay to Garden Bay) Sechelt residents can pickup their order at the Hackett Park location only. 

Now we are stopping at all pickup points for Halfmoon Bay - Garden Bay on the Thursday.  On the next delivery day, a Tuesday, (Gibsons - Roberts Creek)  we will deliver pickup orders for our Halfmoon Bay - Garden Bay customers to the Secret Cove location at the top of Mercer Road.

the following Tuesday we do our main delivery for Gibsons to Roberts Creek.  the following Thursday our Gibsons - Roberts Creek customers can pick up their orders at the Venture Way Storage Location only.

Delivery days will be posted on our webpage for the current month.

We will email you a copy of your final order the morning we will be delivering.  You can pre-pay by e-transfer if you do on-line banking, or you can pay by cash or cheque.  I will also send a guestimate on time of delivery.  It is usually in the afternoon - to early evening.  (At least that is the plan)

If you are not available at certain times, we can find a way to work around it.

Text:  604-989-9488  -  [email protected]